Daniel Baden, Ph.D
Executive Principal

"I.P. Is a really good company. We have both their 100L and 1000L, the former has been modified to our specifications with great success, and we are getting ready for the 1000L. Here in Wilmington NC I was a bit concerned we could not get service/consulting, but Shawn and the rest of the crew are always ready to help. Access to our bioreactor computers, I.P. Can upload our records, communicate wirelessly, and help make tweaks to our systems. We use them for biopharmaceutical culturing, but also our maricultural group purchased one for food for their oyster hatchery. Thanks to the whole group in British Columbia. A gem for the industry!"

Nova Harvest

J.P. Hastey
President of Nova Harvest

"I have been using two Industrial Plankton reactors for many years now at my shellfish hatchery and they have become an irreplaceable technology for our algae feed production. I am currently using the reactors for diatom species and effectively producing high quality algae for use in shellfish larvae production. The automated scale up and harvest features have allow a consistent culture environment and stabilized production of algae species that in the past have been difficult to culture. In my opinion, Industrial Plankton's reactors are the "real deal" for turnkey algae production technology. If your bottom line is in anyway dependent on algae production these machines will allow you to grow your business, they have for me and I will be purchasing more."


Monte A. McGregor, Ph.D
Aquatic Scientist/Malacologist

"The PBR takes care of the cleaning so we can take care of the animals. We have consistently harvested .8 to 1.0g/L of our diatom, or ~ .5kg for 1 harvest (in 7-8 days), leaving plenty to inoculate the system for the next harvest. The diatom we raise, Phaeodactylum tricornutum, was a difficult species to consistently culture in large quantities until the PBR was used. The PBR provides superior control of temperature, light, and water chemistry, and excellent density monitoring to manage the culture. Controls on the unit are easy to manipulate and set for the species in question. While we do not use it to its full potential of controls (automatic nutrient additions at certain density levels), it is very easy to manually control what we want with a push of a few icons.The PBR's several levels of filtration allows full control of axenic cultures, keeping the bad guys out and the good in. While setting up the unit, customer service specialists have been there to walk me through any problem I had and get the unit running. The PBR has been very productive and low maintenance. The cleaning method is superior to any other method I have used over 15 years of culturing algae,that is labor reduction on our part, and thus cost savings."

Iceberg Select

Rebecca White
Research and Development Manager

"Our company purchased 2 of the 1000L algal reactors from Industrial Plankton a couple years ago. We are currently renting space for our hatchery, so having this system that is self contained and controlled is a great addition to the hatchery. We like that we can program the species we use into the system so we are getting the nutrients added as desired. The service from the team has been great. Very helpful and ordering spare parts is a breeze. I would recommend this system for algal production. "