Industrial Plankton produces turn-key photobioreactors for on-site algae production in aquaculture hatcheries, research institutions, and biotech facilities. These bioreactors are highly automated, saving the operator's time and increasing culture reliability.

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Industrial Plankton revolutionized algae production, offering the most advanced systems on the market, bar none. Our obsession with biosecurity and ease of use has yielded a bioreactor rooted in reliability. Our reactors are the cornerstone of many aquaculture hatcheries and industrial pre-production scale-ups.

Operators are given full control of the critical parameters, providing the control required to maximize the growth of different algae species. Parameters such as light, pH, harvest volume, and cell density are adjustable in real time, and are continuously logged & graphed on the touchscreen, allowing users to easily see culture trends and manipulate them to maximize biomass production.

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  • Aquaculture

    Industrial Plankton's algae bioreactors produce the base of the aquatic food chain for aquaculture hatcheries, reliably, and cost effectively. The algae produced on-site is an ideal feed for larval shellfish and shrimp. Finfish hatcheries also benefit from live algae for enriching rotifers and generating live greenwater.

    Using real-time monitoring, user friendly equipment, and datalogging, our equipment simplifies algae production, letting hatcheries focus on their livestock, and not their algae.

  • Biotechnology

    Algae research is critical for advancing many sectors, such as biofuels, nutraceuticals, animal feed additives, bioprospecting, and bioremediation. Industrial Plankton's PBR-1000L and PBR-1250L are an ideal closed system for pre-production scale up of cultures for inoculating mass scale production systems such as raceways or ponds. They are also ideal for producing hundreds of liters of dense algae per day for pilot scale operations, testing production efficiency with new species, or producing meaningful quantities of algae for testing harvesting technologies.

  • Research

    Algae research is critical for advancing many sectors, such as biofuels, nutraceuticals, animal feed additives, bioprospecting, and bioremediation. Industrial Plankton's research bioreactor, the PBR-100L, combines cutting edge technology with a meaningful production volume, allowing researchers to run sophisticated experiments, have their data graphed continuously in real-time, and sterilize the reactor between experiments with the push of a button - all in a fully automated closed system.

  • Waste Remediation

    Industrial Plankton's reactors can be used to seed and constantly produce desirable algae species for larger open remediation ponds. Without a constant influx of desirable algae species, the microbiota of open remediation ponds will naturally shift over time, becoming dominated by random species which may be less effective at accomplishing your goal of water remediation, and in some cases can produce toxins of their own.


  • UNCW

    "We use them for biopharmaceutical culturing, but also our mariculture group purchased one for food for their oyster hatchery.....A gem for the industry!"

  • Nova Harvest

    "I have been using two Industrial Plankton reactors for many years now at my shellfish hatchery and they have become an irreplaceable technology for our algae..."

  • FW KY

    "The PBR has been very productive and low maintenance. The cleaning method is superior to any other method I have used over 15 years of culturing..."